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Traditional Inuit Thoat Singing and the Modern World Collide

KATATJATUUK KANGIRSUMI (Throat Singing in ... | Preview | by Wapikoni Mobile

Official Selection - 2019 Sundance Film Festival

'Water Night' , Watch a Choir Conductor Digitally Unite 3500 Singers from Around the World

Preview | by Swiss Miss

For decades we've been hearing promises about how communication technology will one day eliminate distance itself, making everyone aroun...

The Present, 2019

S.KOREA FILMS | Preview | by Samsung Electronics

On October 28, EXO’s Suho, Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Seul Gi, Yoo Soo Bin, and director Heo Jin Ho attended a press conference for the new film...

Call for Artists: CURRENTS New Media 2020

Preview | by 2020 New Media Festival

Submission Deadline: November 5 2019 2020 Festival Dates: June 12 – 21

Sarah Sze’s Gleaming, Ephemeral Universe

Sze’s dynamic sculptures aim to capture r... | Preview | by Alan Gilbert

Artist Interprets the “Energy of Life”

as Mesmerizingly Iridescent Wall Sculpture... | Preview | by Kelly Richman-Abdou

Dialogues about Revolution and Power

Preview | by Gallery Wolf & Galentz

The project “About Revolution and Power” is dedicated to all the women who have been participants, initiators and organizers of politi...

Segregated By Design

Preview | by Silkworm Studio

Segregated By Design, An Animated Look at How African-American Enclaves in U.S. Cities Is Hardly an Accident.Director examined the forgo...

'Asia Focus' for Venice Meeting Point 2019

Preview | by myartguide

Inhwan Oh, 〈Where He Meets Him in Venice〉, 2019. Incense powder, dimensions variable.The 4th edition of the My Art Guides Venice Meeti...

Pipilotti Rist — Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade)

Preview | by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Video: Courtesy of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, HumlebækPipilotti Rist — Åbn min lysning (Open My Glade)Louisiana Museum of Modern A...

MMCA Seoul, 《Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia, 1960s–1990s》

Preview | by National Museum of Moden and Contemporary Art, Korea

Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia, 1960s–1990sDates: 31 JAN 2019 – 6 MAY 2019Venue: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (M...

Nazi VR_A Short Documentary on a High Tech Prosecution

Preview | by MEL Films

Nazi VR A short documentary on how a virtual reality model of Auschwitz was created to successfully prosecute a German SS guard seven de...

Watch the Meditative Cinepoem “H20”: A Landmark Avant-Garde Art Film from 1929

Preview | by H20

(Above) A short Avant-Garde film by JadenChenH2O has been preserved for posterity by the Library of Congress’ United States Nation...

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