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Stay Home Superheroes by Jo de Magneval

Upcoming 2020-08-11 ~ 2020-09-27  
Project Key: #stay, #home, #Photography, #family

-Portrait photography captures the essence of this historic and challenging time. The exhibition documents different family’s stories, allowing us all to reflect on what was, and is, important in life.....

Street - paintings

Now 2020-08-04 ~ 2020-08-15  5Day Left
Project Key: #Drawing Painting, #street, #life

-This is Ritva Larsson´s second exhibition at the gallery Pleiku concerning the same topic: ”Street”."In these works I explore street life, focusing on the people living in marginal. My interests inc.....


Project Key: #design, #open, #performance, #Berlin, #coronavirus

-The Coronavirus is changing our relation to each other and affecting our perception of reality. This virus is very democratic: it spreads over the borders, has no preference for gender, social, c.....

BASEL 2020 - Lorina Speder

Past: Archive 2020-07-23 ~ 2020-08-05  
Project Key: #basel, #Exhibition, #fair

-BASEL 2020 - Lorina SpederExhibition-Relay #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp / Nr. 223.7. – 5.8.2020 Basel 2020 is a video work by Lorina Speder. Since the Diskurs Berlin remains closed, the vid.....

2021 Sony World Photography Awards

Now 2020-08-01 ~ 2021-01-14  
Project Key: #Photography, #awards, #contest

-ABOUTThe World Photography Organisation is a global platform for photography initiatives. Working across up to 180 countries, our aim is to raise the level of conversation around photography by celebr.....

*Eleventh Hour ⓣClosing soon->


Bending Light

Now 2020-06-05 ~ 2020-08-14  4Day Left
Project Key: #Light, #Bending, #James Turrell, #Installation

-James Turrell, Atlantis, Medium Rectangle Glass, 2019, L.E.D. light, etched glass and shallow space, 56" × 73" (142.2 cm × 185.4 cm) © James TurrellBringing together a focused selection of works that .....

GABRIEL RICO. Nature Loves to Hide

Now 2020-05-23 ~ 2020-08-14  4Day Left
Project Key: #Installation, #hide, #nature, #love

-Gabriel Rico’s formulas are brief and precise expressions to make, solve or achieve something concrete. Thus, they are processes helping to resolve problems or carry out tasks with a series.....

Love Sign

Now 2020-06-06 ~ 2020-08-15  5Day Left
Project Key: #love, #sign, #Drawing Painting

-Featuring: Gina Fischli, Lenard Giller, Isaac Lythgoe, Eric N. Mack, Willa Nasatir, Kayode Ojo, Johannes Oswald, Colin De Land and Kembra Pfahler, Alison Yip..

*Art in Review (Now)

  • LINOLEUM Festival 2020

    AboutLINOLEUM International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival is the biggest showcase of short independent animation in Ukraine. Launched in 2014 in Kyiv each year the festival screens around 250 films from all over the world, offers work...


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  • Stay Home Superheroes by Jo de Magneval

    Portrait photography captures the essence of this historic and challenging time. The exhibition documents different family’s stories, allowing us all to reflect on what was, and is, important in life.Portrait photographer Jo de Magneval captures the...


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  • Women Artists of the Wiener Werkstätte

    [COVID-19: EXHIBITION POSTPONED TO 2021]This impressive exhibition testifies to the women designers‘ inventiveness and their instrumental involvement in the development of Viennese arts and crafts. Arranged both chronologically and th...

    People & Artist

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  • Countryside, The Future

    Exhibition to Examine Radical Changes Transforming the Surface of the World beyond Cities

    News, Issue & Events

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  • Entrepreneurial Art of Christo & Jeanne-Claude

    The Bulgarian artist Christo, together with his partner Jeanne-Claude, showed the world what public art could be. Of all the work that made Christo and Jeanne-Claude the most famous installation artists of the past fifty years, none still exists. The...

    People & Artist

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  • DABDA: The Five Stages of Grief

    DABDA: The Five Stages of GriefImmersive Performance, 2019It is the work of Junha-kim, a video artist working in South Korea, who describes virtual environments through cameras and actual on-stage performances as "the stage of death." It is casting d...

    Artist's Studio

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  • The Art and Cooking of each Artist: Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh & More

    Mexican cuisine seems to be as time-consuming as it is delicious.They have produced a video that introduces  the various recipes based on the background of life that can be obtained from the history of famous local artists. ''The Art Assignment'...

    People & Artist

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  • What plague art tells us about today

    How have artists portrayed epidemics over the centuries – and what can the artworks tell us about then and now? Emily Kasriel explores the art of plague from the Black Death to current times....

    The History

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