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Now is the test period(Beta Version).

*If your artwork and project are registered with here, we'll introduce you on the main page :)
*If the person working on a video project sends the file, it could be shown on the main top page(after screening the file).


01.22: Improving Write Items
01.25: System Improvement
01.30: System Improvement
02.02: Change User form 
02.10: Add Calendar
03.03: Add Map Screen, Improve Registration Page and speed
03.17: 01.25: System Improvement
03.25:  Modify 'My Page' Creation Page
05.08:  System Updates, Improve UI
05.12: Improve Search Page , My Page
05.28: Improve system Error
05.31: Modify map display
06.08: Server improvement operation

07.15: System Updated,Modify System Error, Open Flexible Page


Improved page design and updated the speed of each page!



Page Updated with New Version.