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A Thousand Cuts, B.G-Osborne

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Project Key: #Film/Video, #Footage, #Installation, #Online

-A Thousand Cuts is a three channel found-footage video installation that addresses the misrepresentation of trans people in film and television and the ongoing reality of violence that trans people en.....

19th international Nature Film & Competition

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Project Key: #nature, #Film/Video, #festival, #Austria

-ABOUTThe festival is mainly supported by people with a wealth of big and small ideas. It started back in 2001 with Johannes Kostenzer’s Innsbruck Nature Film Days, followed by the Innsbruck Nature Fi.....

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm (Slight Return)

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Project Key: #video, #Media Art, #Installation

-You Could Sunbathe in this Storm (Slight Return)A film by Alice DunseathAdditional Animation by Luke George and Tom O’MearaFilmmaker and animator Alice Dunseath works across a range of mediums includ.....
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