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Indie-AniFest2020 인디애니페스트 2020

Now 2020-09-17 ~ 2020-09-22  0Hour Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Animation

-The world’s only Asian animation film festivalIndie-AniFest, the only film festival in Korea specializing in independent animations, now aims to become the world’s only Asian animation film festival.....

Rag Lockdown 2020

Now 2020-07-04 ~ 2021-01-04  

-An Online Exhibition at of 454 drawings created by 16 artists from West London, members of Riverside Artists Group (RAG), over 37 days during Lockdown.The work originated.....

Lerato Shadi. Maru A Pula Is A Song Of Happiness

Now 2020-09-13 ~ 2021-02-07  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Photography, #signs, #happiness, #song

-*Lerato Shadi, Lefa Le, 2019, Neon-Sign Installation (detail). Courtesy Lerato Shadi, Photo: (cc by-nc-nd), 2019Lerato Shadi makes the invisible or overlooked visible in her work and criticis.....

Digital U: Rebecca Chesney

Now 2020-07-18 ~ 2021-07-18  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Media Art, #Online

-Hear 24 women & girls from 13 countries talk in 9 different languages about their experience of the global pandemic, in Rebecca Chesney's film View From Here.Rebecca Chesney, View From HereHo.....

A Long Time Short

Now 2020-08-30 ~ 2020-12-13  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Photography, #SCREEN, #long, #short, #time, #moment

-"Time does not pass by faster than it used to, but we are passing by it more quickly." (George Orwell)Looking at the clock, time advances at a steady pace. But almost every experience of time con.....

Es war einmal ein Schwein...

Past: Archive展  
Project Key: #Film/Video, #weakness, #pig

-Es war einmal ein Schwein...Es war einmal ein Schwein, das verschluckte einen Keim.Es war einmal ein Schwein, das bekam Schleim.Es war einmal ein Schwein, das blieb daheim.Es war einmal ein Schwein, d.....
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