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Faces of New York | ARTLECTURE
  • Faces of New York
  • Faces of New York
  • Faces of New York

​New York: People, places and textures

Alan Clements has visited New York every summer for nearly a decade. This exhibition offers a selection of the images he’s taken in New York City.

New York is a city of differences and divergences. Architecture ranges from proud Victorian engineering masterpieces to sleek, shiny skyscrapers that blend in with the sky. People vary from district to district; a long walk in New York can take you through many “villages”, each with its own culture, art, food and fashion.

Alan’s exhibition celebrates New York’s remarkable diversity of people, culture and art.

  Accepted  2020-08-29 22:46

*This program is subject to change by the Organizer's reasons, so please refer to the website or the Organizer's notice for more information.
All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


  • Faces of New York
  • Faces of New York
  • Faces of New York
  • Faces of New York
Activity Area : Local/Town Space

Contacts/Email : ​New York: People, places and textures..


Contacts/Email : ​New York: People, places and textures

 Location detailsDirections
Station Yard Richmond England DL10 4LD United KingdomThe Station