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Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009) - Collection DB | ARTLECTURE

Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009), 2019


Terra - Animal series Gorilla(009), 10x9x23cm, 2019

Craft&Sculpture by Minju Park
  • Original Sold (Request )
    Size: 3.94 x 9.06 x 3.54 Inch
    Size: 10 x 23 x 9 Cm
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    Signed(or Certification)
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)
  • Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009)

Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009), 2019


Terra - Animal series Gorilla(009), 10x9x23cm, 2019

Craft&Sculpture by Minju Park
  • Original Sold (Request )
    Size: 3.94 x 9.06 x 3.54 Inch
    Size: 10 x 23 x 9 Cm
    Price : View Price
    Signed(or Certification)
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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Artwork Description / Artist Note
Title: Terra- Animal series Gorilla(009), 2019//No658.

Terra - Animal series Gorilla (009), 10x9x23(cm), 2019

body : 10x9x15(cm)

vase :5.5x5.5x8.5(cm)

Terra – Animal series

Terra – Animal 시리즈는 박민주 작가의 아트캔들 시리즈, Utmost 의 동물조명과 트레이 시리즈 이후 3번째로 진행된 동물 오브제 시리즈이며, 새로운 매체인 세라믹으로 접근하였다.

조소작가로서 꾸준히 다루어온 흙이라는 소재를 가장 직접적으로 보여줄수 있는 소성방식으로 테라코타 조형 작업과 실용적 도예를 접목시켰다.

이 시리즈는 크게 두가지 갈래가 있다. 하나는 동물의 모양이 화병형태로 구현된 것이고 다른 하나는 작가가 오랜 기간 애착을 가지고 표현하고 있는 실버백 마운틴고릴라가 다채로운 포즈로 구현된 작업이다.

 Gorilla series - 동물들 중 특별히 대형 유인원(apes)에 매력을 느꼈다. 사람과 매우 비슷하면서도 이질적인 특성이 독특하며 그만큼 다채로운 표현이 가능하다. 특히 매스감이 풍부한 실버백 마운틴 고릴라 전신으로 다양한 포즈와 행동, 표정을 표현하면서 매번 색다른 형태로 제작되는 과정을 즐기게 되었다. 고릴라 시리즈는 보다 더 위트있게, 실용적인 오브제로 구현되었다.

Terra-Animal is a series focused on animals by artist, Minju Park, who has previously done two consecutive series on animal lightings and trays on animals. For this third special series, the artist chose clay for the medium.

The artist has always dealt with clay as a sculptor, and this time, she grafted terra cotta molding and practical pottery. This series can be roughly divided into two groups. One is a group of animal-shaped vases, and the other of more serious pieces which Park has been working on portraying silverback mountain gorillas with a variety of intriguing  poses.

Out of all animals, Park is especially fascinated by apes. They are extremely  similar to humans, but at the same time, distinctively unique and different from us and  can be portrayed with various interpretations. The artist seems to have delightful moments recreating the gestures, actions, and facial expressions of silverback mountain gorillas with such voluptuous figures. This gorilla series was done with a witty gesture and also has a practical quality as a collectable art object.

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Places

박민주 (Minju Park)


서울대학교 조소과 학사,2010

서울대학교 조소과 석사,2013


BA Sculpture, Seoul National University, Korea, 2010

MFA Sculpture, Graduate School, Seoul National University, 2013



2017 Flesh, 호아드갤러리, 서울

2017 FAUNA 동물전, 호아드 갤러리, 서울

2017 미술관동물원, 서울대학교미술관, 서울

2016 rebirth, 윤현상재, 서울

2016 취향만족, 혜화아트센터, 서울

2015 딸들의 정원,  art space H, 서울

2014 치유의 공간, 서남병원, 서울

2014 말,말,말, Gallery Erl, 서울

2013 459, Gallery Is, 서울

2013 <Art Project 12X12>, 코엑스, 서울

2012 <sewing, digging, wrapping,>Space k, 서울

2011  <多示普世>, Art center inChung Ang University, 서울

2011  <re-view,> Gallery 599, 서울

2010  <신인작가초대전>, KOSA Space, 서울 



2017 <Flesh>, Gallery Hoard, Seoul

2017  <FAUNA>, Gallery Hoard, Seoul

2017  <Museum Zoo>, SNU MOA, Seoul 

2016 <Rebirth>, Younhyun, Seoul

2016  <Taste Satisfaction>, HyeHwaArt Center, Seoul

2015  <Daughter's Garden>,  art space H, Seoul

2014  <Mal,Mal,Mal>, Gallery Erl, Seoul

2013  <459>, Gallery Is, Seoul


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Places


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