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Vaster Than Empires, More Than Slow (detail) - ArtWorks DB | ARTLECTURE
Color Space

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  • Vaster Than Empires, More Than Slow (detail)
  • Vaster Than Empires, More Than Slow (detail)
Color Space

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  •   제국보다 광대하고 더욱 느리게 (installation View)

  •   제국보다 광대하고 더욱 느리게 (세부)

VIEW 302

Vaster Than Empires, More Slow (detail)

Acrylic on Canvas, 80.3x116.8cm

Already But Not Yet 2

Pause, record and replay; Love and Memory on the artificial resurrection of particles and waves

올 초여름, 나는 집 밖으로 나갔다.

겨우 약에 취해 웅크린 고양이를 뒤로 하고.

'이런 날이 오리라는 걸 세상 모두 다 알고 있었지. 그렇지. 꽃봉이는 이제. 곧, 아마...'


도망치듯 아무 곳이나 발 닿는대로 걸었다.

걷다 잠시 쉬어가려던 곳에는 바람에 산들거리는 나뭇잎들과 수풀들이 있었다. 예전부터 거기에 있었던 객체들. 그것들은 초여름 햇빛 속에 초록빛을 띠며 먼 시야 가득히 들어왔다. 내가 다정히 "꽃봉아."라고 부른 적 없던 초록빛들.

숱한 생이 생겨나고 자라나고 지는 현장에서 그들이 내게 말을 거는 것 같았다. 물활론적 인식이라고 간단히 치부할 수 없었다. -말로 표현할 길 없는 그 감각을 그려야만 한다는 내적 요구가 강해졌고 그려야만 했다. 

무질서한 야성, 내 속에서 웅얼대고 그르렁거리고 있는 잃어버린 모국어. 억누르고 침잠시켜 고요한 중에도 틈을 비집고 어깨 팔과 붓 끝 밖으로 마구 튀어나오곤 했다. 하얀 육식 이빨과 턱 따위를 묻어 삼킨 숲이 웅웅거리고 스스대는 그대로 내버려두었다. 종종 Ursula K. Le Guin 작가가 단편 SF에서 제목으로 인용했던 Andrew Marvell의 시구가 떠오르곤 했다.


'My vegetable love should grow

Vaster than empires, more than slow;'

'나의 식물 같은 사랑은

제국보다 광대하고 더욱 느리게 자랄 수도 있겠지요.'

빛과 흔들림으로 보여지며 들려온 그말.

뭐에 홀랑 마음 뺏긴 아이가 눈과 손의 협응력을 잽싸게 일치시키려 애쓰듯이. 전에 들어본 적 없던 외국어를 필사해야만 했고 필사적이었다.


​작업은 매일 자정이 넘어서야 시작되었고 새벽 빛이 밝아올 때에야 쉬어갔다. 내가 보았던 그 새벽 빛이 그림에서 언뜻 보여진다면 좋겠다. 

ⓒ 2021. 최진영

Earlier this summer, I went out of the house.

Just a drugged cat behind me.

'We knew this is coming. Right. The time has come. Maybe soon...'

I walked as far as I could.

Where I was about to take a break, there were leaves and bushes that were breeze-stricken, objects that had been there before, and they came in the early summer sun with green light and full of vision. Greens I never affectionately called.

They seemed to speak to me at the scene of many lives, growing and losing, and I could not simply dismiss it as a physical perception. - The internal demand to draw the sense that can not be expressed in words has become stronger and had to be drawn.

A disorderly wildness, a lost native language humming and grunting in me, and would squeeze through the gaps and pop out of the shoulder arms and brush tips even in a quiet, suppressed and subdued silence. The woods, which had swallowed with white carnivorous teeth and chins, hummed and left the thunder. Often, Andrew Marvell's verse, which was quoted by Ursula K. Le Guin as a title in the short SF, would come to mind.

'My vegetable love should grow.

Vaster than empires, more slow;'

The words that were seen as light and shaking.

Like a child who was lost in mind, trying to match the coordination of his eyes and hands quickly, he had to desperately write his lost, never heard of native language.

The work began every day after midnight and rested only when the dawn light came.

I hope that the dawn light I saw in the picture.

2020, Choi Jinyoung

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Exhibition Space


저는 서울과 성남을 기반으로 활동하고 있는 한국인 예술가입니다. 저는 시간을 초월한 시간, 에너지, 이미지에 대한 관점을 구체화할 방법을 찾는 여정 중에 있습니다. 최종적으로는 사랑에 도달하고 싶습니다. 그리고 작품을 통해 필멸의 삶에 대한 빛과 영감을 보여주기를 기대합니다.

자칭 녹음기-필경사-구도자로서, 저는 식물적 혼(ame des betes 생명 혼 生魂)의 사랑과 짐승 혼(âme des bêtes 감각하는 혼 覺魂)의 외침을 기록하는 작업을 합니다. 비록 불완전한 녹음기일지라도, 그것들이 재생(再生)되기를 기대합니다.

희망하고, 사랑합니다.

2021년 1월 24일


I am Korean, Seoul and Seongnam based Artist. I'm on a journey to find ways to materialize my point of view of timeless time, energy and image and all I want to go to love, finally. And I expect to show you gleam and inspiration of mortal life through my artwork.

As self declared as recorder-as scrivener-as seeker, I record the love of 'âme vegetable(vegitable soul)' and the cry of âme des bêtes (animal soul). Although I am an incomplete recorder but still hope to replay (resurrect) it.

I hope. I love. ​

Jan 24, 2021

Choi M. Jinyoung



1980 Born in Geoje Island, Korea

2001 Graduated from the Department of Cartoon and Animation in, Gongju National University

2001-16 Worked as a game graphic designer and illustrator

2017 Married / Gained ‘Love is duty, not a feeling’ as life-belief

2019 Participated in the first group exhibition / Gave birth to a child

2020 Resolution of being : Decided to live as a painter that means 'Seeker, Recorder and Scrivener'

My companion cat 'Kobyong' died before her 18th birthday.

2021 Participated in 2nd group exhibition


2001 Associate Degree in Cartoon and Animation, Kongju National University

Group Exhibitions

2021 《SumSum 5 2021- 2nd SumSum》 (Artbit Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2019 《SumSum 5 2019》 (Gallery Insaart, Seoul, Korea)

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Exhibition Space