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A leaf from Rio under a microscope - ArtWorks DB | ARTLECTURE
Color Space

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  • A leaf from Rio under a microscope
Color Space

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A leaf from Rio under a microscope

our world is incredibly complex and discrete – everything is composed of certain components and each part of any of them is divided into smaller components (elements) like the city grows up from numerous streets: street from houses, houses from bricks, which is made of sand and clay, everything that surrounds us is woven of cosmic matter.

All of us – Stardust.

Favela of Rio de Janeiro

The main inspiration for the drawing was the ‘favelas’ of Rio de Janeiro. One of the most colorful and criminogenic places on Earth. A ‘favela’; Portuguese for slum, is a low-income historically informal urban area in Brazil. The first ‘favela’, presently known as ‘Providencia’ in the center of Rio de Janeiro, appeared in the late 19th century, built by soldiers who had nowhere to live following the Canudos War. Some of the first settlements were called ‘bairros africanos’ (African neighborhoods). Over the years, many former enslaved Africans moved in.

But on the other hand, there is something picturesque in these slums. All of them resemble cells of a huge organism, in the given case of Rio de Janeiro. Seeing the strange architecture of these slums, it became clear to me that they would perfectly match the leaf, would resemble its segments.

In addition to the ‘favel’ to associate Rio, there is the famous statue of Jesus Christ in the upper corner on the right.

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Ukraine * Personal Studio

Painter, illustrator, photographer, scriptwriter, teacher

I graduated Polygraph Institute (Faculty of Graphics). The constant participant of Ukrainian and international exhibitions. My works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, England, Canada, USA, Germany, Poland, India. Live and work in Kyiv.


2018  series “Unknown». Group Exhibition, Burning Man Precompression2016  Group Exhibition, Art-arsenal gallery  Kiev, Ukraine2016 Seria of pastels «Girl in the cafe» gallery Marion, Warsaw2015  biggest Ukrainian illustration exhibition  “Art-arsenal” Solo exhibition, Selection of illustrations to fairy-tales.2014 Illustrations to the Snow White Group exhibition, Art-arsenal gallery Kiev, Ukraine2014   Magic pastel  Group exhibition, Freud house Kyiv, Ukraine2013  Middle East magic. Works Shedu and African angel Ukrainian festival “Gogol Fest”, Kyiv2013  Exhibition of illustrations to science fictions. Solo Exhibition, Palace of Culture  Kharkiv, Ukraine2013  Illustrations Group exhibition, Art-arsenal gallery Kiev, Ukraine2012   Stars. Expressionistic murals Group exhibition, Gogol Fest Kyiv, Ukraine2012   FUTURE VINTAGE: TAZ’s Art Show & FRAMING FAIR Group exhibition, Happenstance Gallery London, United Kingdom2012    Shedu  Solo Exhibition, St Sophia cathedral Kyiv, Ukraine2011   Impressionistic plain air Group exhibition, Mytets Kyiv, Ukraine2009   Surrealistic landscapes Solo Exhibition, art gallery-44 Kyiv, Ukraine2008  Portraits Solo Exhibition, Palace of Culture Kiev, Ukraine

FFF, the Fashion Film Festival, 2018, awarded 3rd place for an Animation

Comicbook Competition: Picture Gender Equality at UN Women and the EU Delegation in Ukraine, 2017, awarded 3rd place for comicbook

FFF, the Fashion Film Festival, 2017, awarded 3rd place for an Animation

Kiev City State art-school Competition, 2005, awarded 2nd place for academic drawing of European cathedrals

I love when in the works are secret, mystery, intrigue.  Art should not be a blind imitation of nature, it can’t be compared with nature and photographs.  So I love painting, which expands our perception of reality, exacerbates it. I like expressionism and surrealism.

Activity Area : Ukraine * Personal Studio