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Color Space

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누구든지 멈춰버린 관계 하나씩은 갖고 살아간다.

그들에 대한 기억은 과거 어느 저편에 한 지점에 멈춰있다.


그들은 현재 어떤 모습을 하고 있을까?


한 마디의 물음표로부터 작업은 시작된다.

전화번호부 속에 오래도록 이름만 옮겨오던 사람부터 수소문을 해서 찾아간 사람까지

멈춰버린 관계는 너무나도 많았다.


나는 그들과 손을 잡고 카메라 앞에 선다.

각 개체로써의 모습을 감추고 나와의 관계로써의 덩어리진 개체로 존재한다.

서로의 신체가 닿는 순간, 개인은 오롯한 개인으로 남을 수 없게 된다.

그 순간의 지독한 어색함 그와 동시에 익숙함이 확인의 순간으로 남게된다.

우리는 관계에 현재라는 새로운 점 하나를 찍었다.

Anybody owns their relationships, which no longer exist

Those memories are standing at the certain points in the past

How are they visualized at the current moment?

My work starts with the question above

I have gone through so many relationships in which I only left his/her name in the copied phonebook or I had to ask around their address

I take a photo of them with our hands held

Suddenly, they become a mass from its own individuality given our momentary relation

By touching each other, we cannot be presented as a separate human being

It remains ascertained moment of being peculiar as well as being familiar

We have just inked new point in our relationship, written ‘Presence’

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s) ,


Activity Area : Germany * Personal Places

한국에서 사진을 배우고, 글을 쓰며 돈을 벌다가 작업을 하기 위해 독일에 왔습니다.

관계에 깊은 관심을 두고 작업하고 있으며, 사진을 기반으로 한 영상, 설치 작업에도 관심을 갖고 작업하고 있습니다.

Youngsuk Noh was born in South Korea, live in Germany.

Noh, Youngsuk is born on October 15, 1989 in Seoul, South Korea. Her parents loved to take photos and she used to be a model. It was 2005 that a small mobile phone with a high quality of camera function equipped led her life into a photographer. Going through a tough period of puberty, she decided to study photography at Sangmyung University. In the beginning of her career, she worked as a journalist at Photo Plus, photography magazine, for two years. She traveled to Europe for six month afterward, and continued writing articles about photography at Digital Camera Magazine (DCM). She developed her unique photographical works in parallel with her jobs. In 2017, she got accepted at Dortmund Fachhochschule to study master degree of photography.

Her main theme comes from “problems” surrounding her daily business, family, friends and living environments. She defines it as “Relations”. In her early twenties, she addressed topics related to “Ego”. The focus turned to “My-self or Self-consciousness” and further developed to redefine “Relations” associating with her entire life. Photography is a starting point/basis in her every work, which is an expression of memory and record. 


2015 선물우체통

            Hyein Lee, Hoomyeong Yoon, Joowan Jang, Youngsuk Noh 

            etc. 35 co- author
            Editor Hyeonlim Sin
            Verlage Sagwakkoch(Koreanisch 사과꽃)


2008 Hankook newspaper's Story photo participation prize

2011 Korea Disabled Peoples' photo competition participation prize

2012 Young Artist prize from Sang Myeong Stiftung

2012 The 6th 2030 Young Artist 10

Group Exhibition

2012.06 Korea Disabled Peoples' photo competition, Sangmyeong Arthall Gallery

2012.11 Young Artist prize, Sangmyeong Design Center Gallery

2012.11 26th Graduate Exhibition of Sang-Myeong Univ., Seoul Gallery

2013.01 The 6th 2030 Young Artist 10, Topohaus Gallery

2018.07 Arles International Photography Festival <Voies Off - Variante #6>, La Marseillaise, 57 Rue Condorcet, 13200 Arles, France

Activity Area : Germany * Personal Places