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Color Space

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This world we live in is not always beautiful. It is louder than calm, it is cluttered rather than organized, and sometimes it collides rather than peaceful. Through this deceiving survival, we call the peaceful and beautiful world beyond the flow of despair as “nirvana”(pᾱra). The paintings contain the expression of the world that we cannot find in the present time and dimension with an environment, visually similar to the unknown forest. It also shows us the tranquillity of all of us, the emotions and desires of beauty through my artworks.

The paintings deliver a new concept of beauty in the world. The artworks express the reality and another ideal world through my works with the desire to protect the pure and beautiful world and to share the tranquillity and healing that nature can give to the audience.
In the paintings, there are beautiful girls surrounded by mysterious animals in a mystic forest or with mermaids in the water. The forests and waters they live in are mysterious and pure spaces that we cannot invade in reality. It is closed to a paradise and a spiritual space. With imagination, I depicted the imaginary world with water, wind, air, and heaven as cosmic and weightless space, and expressed the world full of flowers and fragrance.

우리가 살아가는 이 세상이 늘 아름답지만은 않다. 고요하기보다는 시끄럽고, 가지런하기보다는 어수선하고, 때론 평화롭기보단 충돌한다. 이러한 미혹한 생존을 거쳐 번뇌의 흐름을 넘어선 평화롭고 아름다운 세계를 피안 (pᾱra)이라 부른다. 현세에서는 찾을 수 없는 피안의 세계를 미지의 숲과 같은 공간으로 표현하였다. 또한우리 모두가 지닌 평온함, 아름다움을 향한 감정과 갈망을 작품을 통해 보여준다.

각박한 세상 속에서 아름다움에 대한 새로운 개념을 이야기하고 싶다. 순수하고 아름다운 세계를 지키고 싶은 마음을 담아 현실과 다른 이상적 세상을 작품을 통해 표현하고 관객들에게 자연이 줄 수 있는 평온과 치유를 나누고 싶다.

작품들 속엔 아름다운 소녀들과, 숲 속과 신비로운 동물들, 물 속 인어들이 존재한다. 그 들이 살고 있는 숲과 물 속은 현실의 우리가 침범 할 수 없는 신비하고도 순수한 공간이며 또 다른 세계를 말하기도 한다. 그 공간은 파라다이스와 같은 곳이기도 하며 정신의 공간이기도 하다. 상상력을 담아 피안의 세계를 물과 바람과 공기와 그리고 천상을 우주적이며 무중력적인 공간으로 표현하기도 했으며 꽃과 향기가 가득한 듯한 세상을 표현하였다. 

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Exhibition Space

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1984 and raised and educated in Sydney, Australia, Yeah Gean graduated from the College of Fine Art at University of New South Wales, majored in Design. She worked as a designer in an Australian jewellery company for a year and one day she decided to see the world. She travelled 29 countries and 40 cities for 5 years, working as an international cabin crew. Currently, she is based in Seoul, Korea, working as a full-time artist. From her cosmopolitan life style, the artworks are inspired by semi-consciously created ‘after-images’ that are based on feelings and memories of cities where she has travelled before. 
Yeahgean shows a great interest of abstract and portrait painting as the list of her influential artists includes Klimt, Egon Schiele, Alphonse Mucha and Jackson Pollock. 


2017University of Liverpool, Applied psychology, Master of Science graduated
2008 University of New South Wales, College of Fine Art (COFA), Bachelor of Design, graduated 
2005 Seoul National University, College of Fine art, Bachelor of Design, attended as an exchange student

Art Prize
2016 Korean Pop Art Award, Creative artist prize

Solo exhibition
2017, Nov. ‘The forest of nirvana’, Gallery Knot, Seoul 
2017, Mar. ‘Something about beauty’ @ Kaffee Pot, Bucheon
2016, Nov. ‘After-image’ @ Bandi café gallery, Seoul

Group exhibition 
2018.05 Hug therapy, Ecorock gallery, Seoul

2018.03 50만원전, Kyungmin Contemporary Art Museum, Gyeong-gi

2018.02 Like Spring, Eunpyeong Yonsei, Seoul
2017.12 The light of firefly, Gallery bandi, Seoul
2017.11 First collecting experience exhibition, Ecorock gallery, Seoul
2017.10 Rooftop Festival, Sewoon district, Seoul
2017.09 Rooftop Festival, Eun-Pyeong share organization, Seoul
2017, Aug. ‘Edo Gong Gan’. Gallery Ilho, Seoul
2017, July. ‘Legot: Korean Pop Art’, Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai
2017, April. ‘Catalogue Raisonne’ Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2017, Mar. ‘Spring, again’ Ecorock Gallery, Seoul
2017, Mar. Korea Style Week Collection Fair, Coex exhibition hall, Seoul
2017, Jan. ‘See Spring’, Gallery Mac, Mapo Art Center, Seoul
2017, Jan. Gallery Ilho, Seoul
2016, Oct. Pop Art Festival @ Naru Art Center, Seoul
2016, Oct. World Street Dance Festival Outdoor art exhibition, Seoul
2016, May. ‘Youth II’ @ Alpha Gallery, Seoul
2015, May. ‘Nothing is new everything’ @ Space 8, Brussel 
2007 COFA Annual Exhibition @ COFA, University of New South Wales, Sydney

International Art Fair 
2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong
2017 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
2017 Singapore Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 


The Guide Artist Magazine Release Issue 01 March 2017 edited by Ramon A. Oliva

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Exhibition Space