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Lumen – Mixed reality storytelling device | ARTLECTURE

Lumen – Mixed reality storytelling device

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by Service Operator
Tag : #digital art, #Media

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Portable media for virtual storytelling

Created at CIID by Arvind Sanjeev, optical device, Lumen is a mixed reality storytelling device that enables virtual storytelling to be implemented from the real world. Generally, it is inconvenient for a storyteller to use a separate headset or mobile device in order to implement AR / VR. But this development tool is a storytelling device implemented so that AR / VR contents can be searched relatively easily. This is an interactive media that can overlay bi-directional digital content that connects the virtual world with the real world in such a way (the images projected through the machine learning process and the optical device are mapped to objects)

This project is not limited to a specific place (like usually seen in a movie theater) and it is an experiment to know how people interact with the surrounding environment, and it is an opportunity to explore the future value and meaning of media in the future.

Furthermore this device consists of a laser projector with a combination of camera function and depth sensors. It is based on the Yolo Darknet which is a kind of a machine learning platform to classify objects which is processed by the onboard algorithm that generates stories on the classified objects through the projection mapping.

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