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The Unfinished Story: About ’Comfort women’

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by M-line Studio & Seo Kyung-duk & ARTLECTURE
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The Unfinished Story by M-line Studio, Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême, 2014

’Comfort women’ refer to women who were forcibly mobilized and forced to live as sex slaves in brothels called ‘comfort stations’ established by the Japanese military under the pretext of efficiently carrying out war after September 18, 1931, when the Manchurian Incident took place up until when Japan was defeated in the Pacific War in 1945. In literature and testimonies, ‘comfort women’ were referred to as hostesses, special women, prostitutes, geishas, street girls, waitresses, etc. while ‘comfort stations’ were referred to as army recreation facilities, clubs, servicemen centers or Joseon restaurants.
Meanwhile, The women (including Korean women) in Asian countries where Japanese military invaded were also unjustly taken to brothels by the majority. They all were victimized by the Japanese military during World War II and Asia-Pacific Wars. These two animations raise the historical problem.
Recently, Japan's Abe government forcibly removed some installations of the art exhibition of the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, which installed to raise this historical issue. This is to undermine freedom of expression and Japanese government is to commit immorality on its own.[Aichi Triennale 2019 :]

Leaders of major countries including America's President Obama, China's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands recognized the forced recruitment of comfort women (sexual slavery) for the Japanese military, but only Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is still continuing to lie about it. We hope that Prime Minister Abe sincerely apologizes to the former comfort women all over the world, as soon as possible, and refrains from future distortions of history...尽管美国总统奥巴马、中国外交部发言人、荷兰外务长官等全世界主要国家领导们都已认定有关日军慰安妇的强制性,但日本总理安倍却独自在说谎。希望安倍总理尽快向全世界的日军慰安妇奶奶们做出真诚的道歉,并不再做出歪曲历史的事情。..Los líderes de los principales países del mundo como el Presidente Obama de los EE.UU., el vocero del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de China y el Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Holanda, entre otros, reconocieron el esclavismo sexual de las mujeres de solaz pero únicamente el Primer Ministro Abe de Japón está mintiendo. El Primer Ministro Abe debe pedir un sincero perdón lo antes posible a las abuelas ex mujeres de solaz del ejército japonés que se encuentran en todo el mundo y esperamos que no haya más distorsiones a la historia.

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