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Filip Dujardin Impossible Architectures | ARTLECTURE

Filip Dujardin Impossible Architectures

/Site-specific / Art-Space/
by Filip Dujardin
Filip Dujardin Impossible Architectures
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Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin based on modern architecture, he introduces new collage image work. He shoots real buildings, cleverly abstracts and distorts images. In his work, many unrealistic images show that buildings are described structurally and absurdly. Usually, architectural photographers manipulate and rearrange real images to give new credibility. Yet if the viewer double takes, they could notice the impossibility of each structure.

He rather frankly focuses on the unrealistic images into the reality. While many of his buildings would be structurally impossible, his ability to create illusions is so good that the buildings may begin to seem real.

Meanwhile, Dujardin began photographing architecture in a conventional fashion, after studying at the Academy of Ghent, but soon felt an urge to control the aesthetics of his subjects. That is, after documenting works that existed in reality, he may soon felt the need to control their aesthetics and emancipate himself from existing forms to create his own.

Using the wonders of Photoshop, he erases windows and doors, changes proportions of columns or roofs, and then uses his large digital archive of concrete walls, patinas, and architectural details to create his futuristic, non-functional forms.

All images © Filip Dujardin

all images/words ⓒ the artist(s) and organization(s)


Video: (c) Van der Mieden Gallery