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Model of Manhattan from recycled computer parts | ARTLECTURE

Model of Manhattan from recycled computer parts

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by Zayd Menk

Model of Manhattan from recycled computer parts
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Zayd Menk, the young artist from Zimbabwe, made the following architectural models when he was only 17 years old. Take a look at the video of this recent modeling process that has become popular on the Internet. Zayd Menk is going viral with an incredible project he submitted in his art class. 

He recycled discarded computer parts and scaled down the building in Manhattan and made a scale model of it. (It constructed a .0635:100 scale model of midtown Manhattan.) It took more than three months, and it was made from hundreds of computer parts. In a recent interview, when asked what inspired the project, as he stated, " I've always thought that the tiny components on a PCBs [printed circuit boards] look like small cities, so I think It was some sort of subconscious thing that just clicked in my head.” (from Modern Met's Interview)

As he goes along, he says It will need careful attention more to discover the icons of architecture and try to continue to make models, and It'll be also still working on finding another iconic city in the near future.

His works can be also found on the website below.

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