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Interactive installation: Turning Selfies Into Gravel

by panGenerator
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This installation was created for the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw as an element of their TEEN AGE exhibition, , which, through interactive installations, visually comments on selfie culture. "Warsaw-based art collective Pangenerator has realized an installation that invites people to take a selfie, which is then projected onto a screen before turning into a gravel cascade."

-The fear of data loss-

“We don’t want our digital lives to fade away. 

If we want to preserve them, we need to make sure that the digital 

objects we create today can still be rendered far into the future”

- Vint Cerf, former vice president of Google

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s) ,

Concept, design, production by panGenerator (project team - Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński, Jakub Koźniewski) Construction support by Pracownia Tryktrak ( Curators - Anna Grunwald, Beata Kuracińska Special thanks to Magdalena Dąbrowska & the whole museum team VIDEO CREDITS: Camera, editing and postproduction by Jakub Koźniewski Music and sound editing by Maciek Dobrowolski ( ) Special thanks to Katarzyna Grzeszczak, Magda Grabowska, Karolina Świtała