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Mattia Barbieri: ETERNO85

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Project Key: #Online, #visitable, #platform

-Virginia Bianchi Gallery and Superstudiolo Arte Contemporanea are pleased to present ETERNO85, a solo show by Italian artist Mattia Barbieri. From 9 to 23 January, the exhibition will be visitable onl.....

A Conversation with Keith Haring

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Project Key: #CONVERSATION, #Keith Haring, #talk, #Online

-A Conversation with Keith Haring… presents a body of work exploring the historical and contemporary discourse of the AIDS/HIV crisis. The exhibition brings together a body of work addressing issues r.....

LSFF 2021: Good Stock On the Dimension Floor: An Opera

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Project Key: #london, #Screening, #Online, #Film/Video

-"What happens to the black body when it is haunted by a ‘blackness’ outside of it?" London Short Film Festival opens its online edition with a collectively made, 35-part Afrofuturist opera.Both dizz.....

Networked Visions

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Project Key: #network, #Online, #vision

-Networked Visions is an exhibition examining the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques, exploring the embedded bias present within these complex systems that govern our day to day lives an.....

Vinilonga Film Festival

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Project Key: #Online, #Screening, #Film/Video

-We are a new underground film festival with an open call for audiovisual artists working on experimental, sensory, animated, dance short films and music videos. We are looking forward to create a bi-m.....

Edition #5

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Project Key: #event, #edition, #Online

-Frontviews announces the release of its fifth edition with works by Carsten Becker, Nadja Bournonville, Tobias Kappel and Stefanie Seufert recommended by Harald F. Theiss. The works are made available.....
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