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Appel à résidences La Box 2018-2019 | ARTLECTURE
  • Appel à résidences La Box 2018-2019

Each year since 1991 the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art (National School of Art/ENSA) in Bourges, has been providing residencies for young artists, with the financial backing of the Regional Cultural Affairs Office (DRAC) and the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

These residencies are intended to give young artists from France and abroad the opportunity to carry out a personal artistic project connected with the School, its tea- ching, its students and other external partners.The winning candidates are chosen by a jury comprising one representative each from the Regional Cultural Affairs office, the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the Centre Region Contemporary Art Collection, together with the School’s director, three members of the teaching staff, the La Box team, and an art world personality.

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From: la box- Bourges 

  Accepted  2018-03-12 20:10

*This program is subject to change by the Organizer's reasons, so please refer to the website or the Organizer's notice for more information.
All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Shared Studio

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Contacts/Email :

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B.P. 297 7, rue Edouard-Branly 18006 Bourgesla box- Bourges