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PRISMA Art Prize



Collab/Contest/Prizes  |    Accepted  2020-04-01 23:49

Project/Study Key : Drawing Painting, Graphic Art

From : Italy * Exhibition Space

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Introduction: PRISMA Art Prize - an art competition with cash prizes
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    Il Varco is glad to inaugurate the second year of Prisma Art Prize, a quarterly award for artists from all around the world that will become a collective exhibition for the first time in september 2020 in Rome. Organized with the goal of creating a space for visual artists to share their work with hundreds of colleagues from all around the world, it offers $2000 in cash awards every year, purchase prizes and packages of services from Arteza and Biafarin in four seasonal competitions and an online gallery where the artworks are put on display forever. Jurors are qualified and esteemed painters, curators, mixed media artists and digital artists from different countries. The exhibition will take place at Atelier Montez, a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the redevelopment of an urban wreck on a project by the Artist Gio Montez, that has already attracted international artists like Hermann Nitsch, Cheikh Zidor and Turi Sottile. Visit our finalists gallery and submit on our official website:

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