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  • Oh Su-fan’s Drawing

In Gana Art Hannam, abstract artist Oh Su-fan's drawings are on display. The exhibition will be held simultaneously with the exhibition of Oh Su-fan, an individual exhibition held by the Gana Arts Center. In this exhibition, where the author's work on a drawing is focused, another artist's performance is reflected in canvas work. The series of Oh Su-fan, which has been linked to the god, silence, change, and conversation, eventually pursues the nature hidden in everything. In his work, the reproductions of the concept are removed, and only the properties of colors and colors and the activities of dynamic brushes remain. These features appear in the drawing work, as well as in the artist's canvas work. However, in Oh Su-fan's drawing, one can appreciate the quality of the paint that is transparent from the thick matiere of the paint displayed in canvas work. For Oh Su-fan, who moves his brush to explore non-graphic nature and self, drawing is like a bridge that is essential for the process of moving towards zero force. The various drawings of Oh Su-fan, which clearly shows the flowing colors and colors, are a sign of his endless effort to complete the abstract. Gana Art Hannam is planning to show the essence of the most innocent paintings and Oh Su-fan's drawings through the exhibition.  -Gana Art Hannam-

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  • Oh Su-fan’s Drawing
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