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morning of december - Collection DB | ARTLECTURE

morning of december , 2018


Oil on canvas

Drawing Painting by Misung kim
  • Original Payment
    Size: 9.84 x 14.17 x 0.79 Inch
    Size: 25 x 36 x 2 Cm
    Price : View Price
    Signed(or Certification)
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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  • morning of december

morning of december , 2018


Oil on canvas

Drawing Painting by Misung kim
  • Original Payment
    Size: 9.84 x 14.17 x 0.79 Inch
    Size: 25 x 36 x 2 Cm
    Price : View Price
    Signed(or Certification)
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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Artwork Description / Artist Note
Title: morning of december , 2018//No462.

misung kim had four solo exhibitions and attended several art fairs. She also participated in more than 50 exhibitions. She is currently a member of the Korean Women's Art Association. All of her works and activities can be found at and her work is available at "".Insecurity, Sein und ZeitAt least for me, painting means starting for relieving and healing anxiety. I’m painting by the rules that accidently happened among objets(objects) and space in spite of myself. Sometimes, the effectiveness that belongs to all things in the picture randomly makes the energy of the painting. I have been trying to do my best, thinking that the present I’m staying is the most important.However, kind of unconsciously dark and melancholy emotion seized time to come Why don’t I have satisfactory comfort and stability even within my repetitive routine and too monotonous flow?Unaccustomed strange moment, I might be spending day and day filled with habitual anxiety about space. Space is the norm of physical boundary and recognition of distance for ordinary people, but it is ambiguous fear for me.Habitual alert, despair, and pain drive my life into anxiety.“Anxiety is the fundamental mood of existence.” said Martin Heidegger. This phrase makes me get beguiling relief.

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio

김미성 (Kim misung), 金美性

1972년 11월11일 生
instagram: mi_sung_kim_7777

1995 홍익대학교 회화과 졸업
홍익루트회,경기여류회 회원


2018년- 일방적이고 일상적인,온리카페앤갤러리,삼청동
2017년- 인상적인침묵,’ㄱ‘갤러리,파주 헤이리
2016년- BLIND COMMUNICATIONS, 대안공간 눈(신진작가공모전) 수원
2016년- FUNKY, PLASTIC SCANDAL, A1갤러리(작가공모전) 송파동



2018년-너의 추억 나의기억,32갤러리,압구정동

2018년-예술하라 아트페어,팔레드서울,충주예술회관

2018년-객체와 관계,영아트갤러리, 인사동

2018년-홍익 루트회, 미술세계 갤러리 ,인사동

2018년-경기여류정기전,인사아트센타! 인사동

2018년-Spring Breeze,갤러리 M ,인사동

2018년-핑크아트페어,인터콘티넨탈, 삼성동

2018년,Hong Kong Conrad hotel


2017년-서리풀 아트포아트 청년작가미술대전,한전아트센터 서초동

2017년-아트,무창포에서 꿈꾸다, 훼일아트갤러리

2017년-숨 ,올갤러리,인사동

2017년-홍익 루트회, 미술세계 갤러리 ,인사동

2017년-HONG KONG Affordable Art Fair,홍콩컨벤션센터

2017년-봄,모두의 노래,스캔들,스페이스 두루 3인 초대전 신사동

2017년-SCAF Collector Artist Festival, 롯데호텔 소공동 본점

2017년-아름다운 미술전 ,중국 항주, 서령인사갤러리

2017년-경기여류정기전 ,경기도단원미술관

2016년-서울아트쇼,코엑스몰 삼성동

2016년-상상 그 너머 展 ,갤러리 두,청담동

2016년-상하이 아트페어, 상해컨벤션센터

2016년-강남미술대전, 역삼1문화센터 전시실 ,역삼동

2016년-서리풀 아트포아트 청년작가미술대전, 유중아트센터, 방배동

2016년-경기여류정기전, 가나인사아트센터,인사동

2016년-홍익 루트회, 미술세계 갤러리 ,인사동

2016년-에이미 와인하우스 추모 아트쇼, 리버사이트호텔,반포동

2016년-미래의 근원展, 리서울갤러리,인사동

2015년-행복에세이展, 대안공간 눈 수원

2015년-2회 와우 열전, 홍익대 총동문회관 H 갤러리 

2015년-HAPPY WALL KOREA, 홍익대 대학로 아트센터

2015년-아트플레이그라운드,경기 창조혁신센터 

2015년-여성의 소리,홍익 루트회,미술세계 갤러리 

2014년-1회 와우 열전,호마미술관

1999년-빗자루 전,공평아트센터

1997년-2회What's up? ,공평아트센터

1995년-1회What's up? ,공평아트센터


2017년- 서리풀 아트포아트 청년작가미술대전,입선

2016년- 서리풀 아트포아트 청년작가미술대전,입선

2016년- 강남미술대전,입선

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio


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