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J.M.W Turner meets the movie

The History | by Service Operator

This is not a biographical film about landscape painter J.M.W Turner. As the stories of famous people can be found through various mediu...

Pedro Almodóvar’s Julieta

The History | by Service Operator

Pedro Almodóvar’s new work, Julieta, captures changes in daily life in detail, depicting female symbolism. If you look at his old works...

Desire to surrealism

The History | by Service Operator

When it comes to surrealism, it’s easy to associate it with an image that is completely different and distant from reality. However, th...

The color selection

Service & Device | by Kim JaeIk

Visual workers basically do work with colors. This is because the specific styles depend on the arrayed and blended colors, and it is us...

Enjoy Cultural Arts in Seoul!

News, Issue & Events | by Korea tourism organization

Sejong CenterFor fans of performance and visual arts, here is an all-in-one guide to the representative cultural art centers in Seoul! I...

Legendary media artist Nam June Paik remembered

People & Artist | by Lee Woo-young

Photos:Nam June Paik reflected on a mirror-like foil, 1963, by Manfred Montwe. (NJP Art Center)“This is Me,” by Kwon Byung-jun (NJP Ar...

CTM Festival

The History | by Service Operator

Electronic, experimental music, media art and performances are held every January to February in various venues, including hundreds of c...

The Moving Image fair in 2017

The History | by Service Operator

Moving Image, the contemporary video art fair, was conceived to offer a unique viewing experience with the excitement and vitality of a ...

Drawing satellite imagery through gesture

Service & Device | by CreativeApplications.Net

Created by Zach Lieberman in collaboration with Google’s Data Arts team, Land Lines is an experiment that lets you explore Google Earth...

Art history A-level saved at last minute

News, Issue & Events | by BBC

Campaigners for art history A-level say they are "absolutely thrilled" by a late decision to save the subject, which was set to be disco...

Turner Prize 2016 awarded to Helen Marten

The History | by CNN

An installation by Helen Marten is pictured during a photocall for the 2016 Turner Prize, at Tate Britain in London It appeared that Hel...

Media Art Net

Service & Device | by Service Operator

(Media Art Net) Archival data related to media art are relatively well organized, even if it feels old. You can search for artists and w...

Art of the Real-MMCA

News, Issue & Events | by MMCA

ProgramintroductionPreface                               &nbs...

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