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'An Internet' By Jeroen Van Loon | ARTLECTURE

'An Internet' By Jeroen Van Loon

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'An Internet' By Jeroen Van Loon
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The Internet runs networking by transmitting data along cables. Here is called 'data' links each continent and country into the one, as a form of countless invisible numbers or numeric data code. This installation work visualizes the flow of invisible data and expresses it as smoke. That is, an Internet converts the 280 internet undersea cable names into (binary) smoke signals. This is inflated in a glass network, and as it gets full, the compressed data will generate a signal as smoke.

Dutch multimedia artist Jeroen Van Loon uses glass tubes arranged in the same order as real Internet cables to presents us with a possible vision of a future internet.  This is just characterized by this act, where the data is visualized, goes through multiple tubes, where you can access the same Internet data wherever you are. 

While currently actual data is produced and stored forever, the data in Van Loon’s ‘An Internet’ is produced and then disappears forever in a puff of smoke. He believes that this his internet creates a “unique ephemeral moment without any form of documentation.”

All images © Gert-Jan van Rooij

all images/words ⓒ the artist(s) and organization(s)


Dutch multimedia artist Jeroen Van Loon