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Watch Every Episode of Bob Ross’ , 403 Episodes Spanning 31 Seasons

People & Artist | by Bob Ross

For over twenty years, new fans have continued to seek out the half-hour long instructional videos. Now all 403 episodes ...

German Painter Paula Modersohn Becker: The Movie ‘Paula’ and Her Story

People & Artist | by Service Operator

Thelandscape in Germany in the late 19th century thirsted for precision andrealistic expression. It was during this time that an unreser...

Legendary media artist Nam June Paik remembered

People & Artist | by Lee Woo-young

Photos:Nam June Paik reflected on a mirror-like foil, 1963, by Manfred Montwe. (NJP Art Center)“This is Me,” by Kwon Byung-jun (NJP Ar...

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