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MMCA x Hyundai Motor Series 2018, CHOIJEONGHWA show 《Blooming Matrix》

News, Issue & Events | by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

〈Young Flower〉, 2016-2018. Plastic Crown, Steel structure, Dimension Variable ⒸArtist ⒸMMCA KOREACHOIJEONGHWA, 〈Dandelion〉, 2018. ...

THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space

News, Issue & Events | by Laurie Anderson & Hsin-Chien Huang

THE MOON_From Inner Worlds to Outer Space | ExhibitionTo celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, NASA is preparing special p...

Edward Burtynsky: The Human Signature

News, Issue & Events | by Flowers Gallery

Edward BurtynskyThe Human SignatureLONDON Cork Street17 October – 24 November 2018Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition ...

The Nam June Paik Art Center, 《Art Commons, Nam June Paik》 on shares

News, Issue & Events | by Nam June Paik Art Center

ⒸNam June Paik Art Center.Dates: 2018.10.11-2019.2.03Venue: Nam June Paik Art CenterThe Nam June Paik Art Center(Hereafter the Art Cent...

Do Ho Suh inserts 〈Bridging Home, London〉 into the city context

News, Issue & Events | by Do Ho Suh

〈Bridging Home, London〉, 2018. © Do Ho Suh, Courtesy of the artist; Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong and Seoul; Victoria Miro, Lond...

Banksy Shreds 'Girl with Balloon' Painting after Sotheby's Auction

News, Issue & Events | by Snobette

Ever the merry prankster, Bristol-born artist Banksy caused quite the stir by shredding his 2006 spray paint on canvas "Girl with Balloo...

A Giant Mural commemorating the life and art of actor Robin Williams

News, Issue & Events | by Robin Williams

If you are near Logan Square on Milwaukee Street in Chicago, you can see a mural commemorating the life and art of actor Robin Williams....

Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art

News, Issue & Events | by TATE

Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract ArtFor the first time, Tate Modern tells the intertwined stories of photography an...

'The only way to describe a work of art is to make a work of art', At Eternity’s Gate

News, Issue & Events | by Julian Schnabel

Directed by Julian SchnabelStarring Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Mads Mikkelsen At Eternity’s Gate is a journey inside the world and...

teamLab: Massless

News, Issue & Events | by teamLab

Amos Rex’s opening exhibition is Massless, an outstanding work by teamLab. The Tokyo-based art collective is familiar to...

Palais de Tokyo,《Today Will Happen》 at Gwangju Civic Center

News, Issue & Events | by Palais de Tokyo

Dates: 06 SEP 2018 - 20 OCT 2018Venue : Korea, Gwangju, Hors-les-murs at Gwangju Civic CenterThe exhibition is part of the “Off-Site” ...

Discover the Lost Early Computer Art from the 1970s

News, Issue & Events | by Motherboard

Before GIFs and net art, there was Telidon. Telidon was a protocol invented in Canada in the late 1970s that let people dial in to centr...

The evolution of Reality_Video Technology

News, Issue & Events | by Service Operator

How far will the evolution of video technology go?With the recent merger of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies...

'An Internet' By Jeroen Van Loon

News, Issue & Events | by Service Operator

The Internet runs networking by transmitting data along cables. Here is called 'data' links each continent and country into the one, as ...

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