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Andy Warhol, his groundbreaking Art and Its Cultural impact ! | ARTLECTURE

Andy Warhol, his groundbreaking Art and Its Cultural impact !

by The School of Life, Smarthistory
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ANDY WARHOL is called the 'Post of Pop' and 'Divar of Pop' as a pioneer of American pop art. It broke the boundary between popular and pure art and led to revolutionary change not only in art, but also in visual arts such as film, advertisement and design. Throughout his life, he was already a legend and is known as a representative icon of Modern Art. Just above, Alain de Botton's School of Life introduces Warhol as  "the most glamorous figure of 20th century art" whose great achievement was to "develop a generous and helpful view of two major forces in modern society: commerce and celebrity."

Warhol wasn't just an artist, Green says, "but also a filmmaker, band manager, magazine publisher, and TV producer who fearlessly explored and embraced new media." He was also one of the great artists of the 20th century who understood the legitimate role that glamour and business should play in the production of art.

This two videos explain his groundbreaking Art and Its Cultural impact.

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