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IDEO and a Story of Design | ARTLECTURE

IDEO and a Story of Design

by Dress Code
Tag : #design, #study, #story, #idea

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This is a Brief History of IDEO above,  a short documentary takes you inside the Design Firm that changed the way we think about Design.

A exclusive look behind the curtain at IDEO, the global design firm, who for 40 years (and counting) has changed the way we think about design.

The company's founders and employees tell the story in their own words in the short documentary video IDEO and a Story of Design above, which focuses on IDEO's achievements in changing the way we think about design (exemplified by the time they redesigned the humble shopping cart on Nightline).

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Production Company: Dress Code (

Director: Dan Covert

Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein
Head of Post Production & Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg
Head of Production: Amy Dempsey
Producer: Sheree Shu
Production Manager: Cheng Liu

Cinematography: Joe Victorine
Additional Cinematography: Jon Hokanson

Editor: Dan Covert
Assistant Editor: Nick Stromberg
Art Director: Elena Chudoba
Design: Elena Chudoba, Brooke Bamford, Rasmus Löwenbrååt
Animation: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Color: Daniel Orentlicher

Archival Research: Richard Kroll
Production Coordinator: Jonathan Dontchev

Music + Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Location Sound: Matteo Liberatore, Donny Tam

Photos: Dirk Ahlgrim, Dennis Boyle, Tiffany Knight, IDEO