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What if Tim Burton made a grilled cheese sandwich? | ARTLECTURE

What if Tim Burton made a grilled cheese sandwich?

/Artist's Studio/
by David Ma

What if Tim Burton made a grilled cheese sandwich?
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Each entry in filmmaker David Ma’s FoodFilms series starts with a hypothesis that pairs a simple, familiar dish with a director whose visual style is well established.

The director's style of production is presented in a unique way through visualization in the frame. Their unique visualizations drive the imagination and bring back another reality. That is, food Films can make the viewer reimagine through recipe videos having the style of famous directors. 

Meanwhile, not only these directors but David Ma said it will continue to produce food films that can show the styles of other directors.

Sequel requests are piling up:)

What if Kubrick made Toast?

What if Tim Burton made a grilled cheese sandwich?

What if Woody Allen made pizza?

What if Steven Spielberg made cupcakes?

What if Kurosawa made scrambled eggs?

What if Guy Ritchie did a Full English Fry-Up?

all images/words ⓒ the artist(s) and organization(s)



Director & Creator: David Ma

DP: Allison Davis & John Shafto

Art Director & Prop Stylist: Melissa Stammer

Prop Master: Brian Haimes

Editor: Matt Badger

Phantom Technician: Sasha Burdett

Food Stylist: Hannah Kirshner

VFX Supervisor: John Shafto

Executive Producer: Howie Howell

Sound Design: Mat Guido, Decibel

BTS: Ben Hon, Jesse Hsu & Matthew Ligotti

Composite & VFX: Method Studios

Executive Producer: Heather Saunders

Sr. Colorist: Tim Masick, Company 3 

Flame Artist: Jared Pollack, Steve Morris 

Grip: Jose “FX” Rodriguez

Storyboard Artist: Shannon Rollins

Production Assistant: Jonathan Hsu, Brittanie Sherrie