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Travel playfully through space in Bruges | ARTLECTURE

Travel playfully through space in Bruges

/Site-specific / Art-Space/
by Service Operator
Travel playfully through space in Bruges
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Spanish architect, SelgasCano recently created an organic form of residential structure with semi-translucent pink and orange walls at the Bruges Triennale 2018 exhibition. 

SelgasCano said in a recent interview, "It’s hoped the constructions will form a hospitable route that brings people together in unexpected spots”.  First of all, he says that it wanted to secure the fluidity of the place by creating picturesque installations for the remaining historic spaces in a rapidly changing world. In other words, the outer layer allows light to travel playfully through space, distorting the natural perception of the old city, and seems to perform as a Muse's role for people.

The distinctive feature is also that the platform is used as a venue for meetings and activities as well as a space for exhibitions. That is why the installation has an organic shape of a structure, which mimics the surrounding water bodies and is designed to remain open.  

This seems to go right back to the fact inspired by the Polish-born British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman who coined the phrase "liquid modern". He believed that change within modern society was constant and relentless, and hoped to change to become hospitable public spaces that demonstrate "a fluid city, open and involved."

<The Selgascano Pavilion at the Bruges Triennial. Photo by Iwan Baan>

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