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Exobiotanica_Botanical Space Flight | ARTLECTURE

Exobiotanica_Botanical Space Flight

/The Performance/

Exobiotanica_Botanical Space Flight
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In August 2017, the 6-kilogram bouquet was launched into space from Black Rock Desert in Nevada, the United States. It stepped into the unknown territory that is outside the Earth, capturing the changes and the process of moving flowers in detail, and making it into a documentary.

The production team AMKK says "EXBIOTANICA is a documentary project that captures the series of scenes and events, including the state of the plant freed from the ground and confronting with Earth, to the very moment that it returns to the soil."

The changing contrast (between the rays and flowers) presents a grand sight, as light from the sun's rays spreading around the Earth changes constantly with the landscape of flowers.

Until the bouquet returns to Earth (including the way in which they will scatter and fall back to the ground), the surroundings are extreme at the environment of -60°C, and the process of reacting and dispersing the flowers are even philosophical.

Let's meet epic documentary on the ever-changing landscape of the flowers through the stratosphere, an altitude of 30,000 meters up.

All images © AMKK

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“In Bloom” is an experimental series in which flowers are arranged in naturally impossible situations. In the first installment of this series, “EXOBIOTANICA” plant life was launched up into the stratosphere. In the second installment,

“DAGAT & BULAKLAK”, a large mass of flowers was placed in the middle of the ocean. In the third installment “Deep Sea,” the plant life was placed within the deep ocean. For this fourth installment, we will be revisiting space by again, 

launching flowers into the stratosphere.