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How To Draw Buildings | Architecture Doodles For Beginners | ARTLECTURE

How To Draw Buildings | Architecture Doodles For Beginners

-How to Draw Like an Architect-

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How To Draw Buildings | Architecture Doodles For Beginners
-How to Draw Like an Architect-
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How to Draw Like an Architect: An Introduction in Six Videos...

How to Draw Like an Architect: An Introduction in Six Videos

You can learn how to draw from all three types of perspective in "How to Draw in Perspective for Beginners," a video from Youtube channel Art of Wei. Below that comes the more specifically architecture-minded "How to Draw a House in Two Point Perspective" from Tom McPherson's Circle Line Art School. After a little practice, you'll soon be ready to enrich your architectural drawing skills, however rudimentary they may be, with advice both by and for architecture professionals.

Learn how to draw like an architect, as we talk about some tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to improve your architecture sketching approach.

 In this video we tackle a few pointers like:

1. Use the perspective technique - I explain the types of perspectives.

2. How to turn your sketches imperfections into advantages.

3. Start with the general elements then work your way towards the finer details of your sketch.

4. Use Lineweights to add an architectural aesthetic to your sketches.

5. Use Shade and Shadow to convey emotions.

6. Practice helps you improve but also guides you to finding your unique architecture sketching style.

One point and two point perspective is very useful, whereas three point perspective in not commonly used for general drawing. Unless you are doing some serious cityscape drawings.

Narrated step by step art tutorial, learn how to draw a house using 2-Point perspective: Draw a House in Two-Point Perspective, using a 4B pencil.

In this video and another on architectural sketching, Reinholdt offers such practical advice as pulling your pen or pencil instead of pushing it, moving your arm rather than just pivoting at the wrist, and making "single, continuous, confident strokes."

Follow along as I work through a few rough sketches for a new project; I discuss the key style points and techniques you can use to develop your own architectural sketching style. Each sketching vignette includes many tips, but broadly they fall under the following headings:

1) Simply your toolset: fewer tools = fewer decisions

2) Start small: move quickly, be less precise, less precious

3) Line work: architectural sketching is a line art, not a fine art

4) Annotations: helps create a layered esthetic, describes things you're not able to easily show

5) Media + Implements: how changing these from time to time can spur new ideas.

6) Practice: the one thing guaranteed to improve your architectural sketching technique.

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