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“The Seasons” Art Competition | ARTLECTURE
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition

“The Seasons” Art Competition


1 => Apply Form below (Please input your Info.)

2 => Please e-mail us the image file(s) (including descriptions and your profiles) attached.


3=> Entry fee: $10 (USD) per artist



▷Application deadline: May 31th, 2020

▷Online Exhibition Schedule: June 2020


About: is a visual arts database platform for sharing Arts. helps artists connect with organizations and groups to share their work, connects people from different regions, and encourages participation from locals.

We are sending programs to various regional organizations and galleries.

*This is a space where stories and images are shared, and it dreams of various imaginations.*

In that vein, is opening its first exhibition contest, 2020yr , The Seasons Art Competition.

The changing seasons mark the passing of time. And the ebb and flow of the seasons will be revealed in your artwork. Please show us your artwork at this opportunity!

Qualifications for Application

All Visual Artists


Fields: Media arts, film, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, digital art, engraving, collage, textile, etc. 

[Number of Winners and Benefits]

Number of Winners: 5 artists total (2 grand prize winners + 3 honorable mentions)


Grand prize winners will be announced and introduced on the website, and their work will be displayed on the site. For two months after selection, winning artists will remain on the top of the front page (we plan to reveal each artist's detailed schedule after the announcement). 

▷In the event that the winning work is a film: A 3 minute (or less) preview of the film will be shown on the main page every weekend  link to the film’s webpage

▷Certificate will be issued

Ongoing PR through email marketing campaigns

▷Newsletters announcement

Ongoing PR on various social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus

▷Targeted Email Blasts from multiple subscription-based art services


Grand Prize Selections - 2 artists


Each awarded ($150) in prize money (Pay by PayPal)

▷Selection and introduction as an artist to watch: Winning works will be displayed on the site. For two months after selection, artist introductions will remain on the top of the front page.

▷Certificate will be issued

▷Interviews with each artist and reviews of their work will appear in the webzine(ARTICLE) (ARTLECTURE.COM/ARTICLE). They will also be published continually on SNS (interviews will be conducted through email). 

Worldwide introduction and PR: An introduction on our website, , Email blasts; continuous PR on social media.

▶2 artists receiving honorable mention will also have their work continuously displayed on our main page (refer to the Benefits section above).


[Judgment Criteria]


▷Works should be appropriate for the theme of the competition

Unique interpretation of the subject

▷Creative, interesting works given favor

▷Superior impressionism and use of artistic medium

▷Artistry, composition and design of the work

[Miscellaneous Items]

▷All works for the exhibition can be stored as flat files for sales and PR

▶Notes concerning copyright and sales:

The artist must be consulted prior to executing any sale if there is a purchase offer for a work. 

All copyrights (files and prints) remain with the artist.

▷The gallery will collect a 30% commission on all sales revenue.

▷In the event that the artist does not wish for their work to be sold, prints will be used only for display and PR.

Artists may register with complete trust and certainty that their work will not be used without consent.

  Accepted  2020-03-31 21:21

*This program is subject to change by the Organizer's reasons, so please refer to the website or the Organizer's notice for more information.
All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
  • “The Seasons” Art Competition
Activity Area : Local/Town Space

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Contacts/Email : QnA: