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Color Space

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  • Metaboiling
Color Space

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Neocalligraphy 43 (NC 43)
Chinese ink on golden fine art paper
11.7 x 8.3 in / 29.7 x 21 cm , Summer 2017, © BEUCHET Fabien

AUTHENTICITY : Stamped (monogram) & hand signed on the back + stamped (monogram) & hand signed certificate of authenticity

PAPER : Lana (est. 1590), Strasbourg, France.

FRAMING : artisan framer, France ; edge, wood, black, ready to hang.

FRAME’S CHARACTERISTICS : French wood, hand painted by the artisan framer, several coatings of casein free French paint, acid free cardboards, Saint-Gobain glass (est. 1665).

NEOCALLIGRAPHY’S CORE PRINCIPLES : Intercivilizational personal & a-personal fusions through metagraphic lightnings. Neo = new + accomplishment. Storm + lightning + fertile echoes (e.g. sparks) = 0 & 1 simultaneously.


Original painting - Available

© BEUCHET Fabien

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : France * Alternative Space
Artist ↔ Teacher ↔ Art critic

Born in June 1982 in France, actually living in France and establishing an
international life project made of Painting, Photography, New Media, Art
Criticism and Art History, I attach a mighty importance to each life element in
a Far Eastern organicist vision of existence.

Inner and outer, whole and one, a
perpetual dialogue I just want to take part in. How? Through a search for
both delectation and thought via an aesthetic based on chromati(ci)sm and on a
well-developed brilliancy
, to give my creations a full autonomy through
their affirmation within their own dialogue with any environment (personal
technique, no varnish, 90% : gouache only, 10% : sparkling paint and/or
golden/silver paper, 2/3 of the time retouching more than with a simple
contrast+ my photos : minimal post-Instant realization).

Long meditations and
self-projections in life facts before an intense
, fast, profuse or laconic,
tangible action, a crystal ; always willing not to annoy
any-thing (from a stone to a yelling person, a wind to a cell), crystals in
order to contribute to a lucid and wide open universal smile

My inspiration takes its
roots in the alliance of modernity and tradition, of everyday life,
philosophies and myths, of self-language and multi-language. I particularly am
impregnated with Asian civilizations (Japan, China, Korea ...) and peoples,
with Middle Ages, and with a part of 19th-20th Western centuries.

The miniaturist way to
perceive Art
(artist and viewer) is also one of the points I develop. Painting & taking photos as a
writer, writing as a painter-photographer
, 90% of my creations are,until
now, small sized, and a lot of them present many details and paths to discover.

Along with the union between myth
and daily life, the declaration of universality through individuality (and
vise-versa) through an artistic
search for the Instant in an action in motion between abstraction and
figuration, gesture and non-gesture, void and Void, zero and Zero
, is a
characteristic of my will of fusion.

Concretizations : Crystals (unions between daily life and
myth, motion and constancy, us).

In eleven words : Smile-Asceticism, Chroma, Crystal,
Mirror, Isthmus, Instant (spherical lightning in which we are not just living
but Being), Intercivilizational, Satori (Illumination), Fusion, For².

BEUCHET Fabien, France

Activity Area : France * Alternative Space