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The color selection | ARTLECTURE

The color selection

/Service & Device/
by Kim JaeIk


Visual workers basically do work with colors. This is because the specific styles depend on the arrayed and blended colors, and it is used as one of main tools for expressing emotions as it is seen in long history. In recent years, we can easily see many cases appealed by the design as online contents have expanded.

Generally, you choose colors with your own sense rather than with a given color, but sometimes we could have severe tiredness of the choice when you often work on it. And the color has the most concrete and direct aspect because it is more prominent than anything else. Furthermore, that is a reason why we have to devote a lot of time to our selection for the color because it can catch the trend of current society and it is kind of a sensitive expression tool.

Therefore I recommend this system like a tool for user working on colors. The Carla Hunt and the Roll Call are tools being able to alleviate the fatigue of workers. That is, this system can share a new type of the color between users by arranging and mixing your own colors and recommend different types every day. The public's preference for a particular color can also be determined, since preferences are displayed separately, The site is very simple. It is easy to see [recommendation - sharing - trend] of the color, and color extraction is also possible. More information can be found on the link below.

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