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Street to create an optical illusion | ARTLECTURE

Street to create an optical illusion

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by Service Operator

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A local council in Queensland has painted an optical illusion on an outback road, hoping it will slow down drivers who don't stop at the crosswalk. That is, this painting on the road to cause optical illusions has been devised to slow drivers down.

The Mayor of Boulia Shire Council in Western Queensland told the ABC he'd seen other countries successfully use 3D crossings and "thought that'd be a great idea in a little outback town like ours."

It may just become the beginning of the Boulia Street Art Plan, hoping to become a new tourist attraction. The streets of Boulia expect to take advantage of these optical illusions to control the vehicle and simultaneously contribute to improving society and gain tourism benefits.

An official said: "I think if we start seeing work like that coming up around town we'll definitely get interest from professional artists who want to offer their services."

Similar crossings have been painted in Iceland, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, and the United States.

What do you make of this idea ?

<The area where it was shot above is Iceland.>

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