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Plant Fever: Towards a phyto-centred design | ARTLECTURE

Plant Fever: Towards a phyto-centred design


/News, Issue & Events/
by Centre d’Innovation et de Design au Grand-Hornu, Belgium
Tag : #plant, #design, #fever
Plant Fever: Towards a phyto-centred design
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Due to the coronavirus, there seems to be a recent craze to grow plants indoors, so we would like to introduce the next design exhibition....

Image courtesy of Rene van der Hulst

For centuries, our inherent alienation from nature has prevented us from truly understanding the potential of plants as more than simple materials or decorative objects.In recent years, however, new scientific discoveries and philosophical approaches have reframed our relationship with them, questioning the dualism human/nature so much rooted in Western thinking. Echoing the belief of American ecologist Ian Baldwin that "we should try to think like plants", designers, scientists and engineers, started to look into plants’ structures and behaviours adopting them as allies to develop solutions for current and upcoming environmental and social issues.

Image courtesy of Helene Steiner and Microsoft research

Plant Fever proposes to look at the future of design from this new vegetal perspective, moving from a human-centred to a phyto-centred design. Spanning from products and fashion items to material research, open-source devices and emerging technologies, a selection of approx. 50 exhibits - representing the work of creatives from more than 20 countries - will investigate notions such as plant blindness, eco-feminism, forestry, biomimicry and upcycling, but also post-colonialism and cultural landscapes.

Image courtesy of Studio Kizi Studio

Conceived as a militant exposition, Plant Fever will not fear to take a stand, ask critical questions and call for new radical perspectives, involving the public in a positive, inspiring and constructive conversation.

Image courtesy of Omar Nadalini

Image courtesy of Daniele Misso and Marlou Rutten

all images/words ⓒ the artist(s) and organization(s)


Plant Fever. Towards a phyto-centred design

CID – Centre d’Innovation et de Design au Grand-Hornu, Belgium

May 31 – September 13, 2020

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