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‘Hanging Paintings’ inspired by fabric combinations. | ARTLECTURE

‘Hanging Paintings’ inspired by fabric combinations.

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by Service Operator

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Tadao Cern creates a series of delicate, experimental Hanging Paintings inspired by fabric combinations. ‘Hanging Paintings’ is a kind of the installation, newly reconfigured by hanging up clothes and materials from a simple metal rack, which serves as a canvas. ‘Hanging Paintings’ is created in various arrangements by using colorful pieces of dyed wool which are draped loosely over a metal frame. In other words, this brand new garments hung on the metal-frame(which is even plain-looking), is fancy, and it adds to the visual diversity.

In fact, this combination of dyed clothes is based on his memory when young. As a child, he was inspired by the colorful clothes hanging on his mother's wardrobe, which led to open his projects. If the costumes of the people in his memory was tied by the conventions and frames, now his work is defined as the unconventional art form.

Lithuanian born artist Tadao Cern is inspired by everyday objects and occurrences. From 2013 he has garnered international attention with his “Comfort Zone” ,“Black Balloons”, “Chromatic Aberrations” as well as “Hanging Paintings” in recent years.

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