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Collaboration Works: ‘The Teabag Collection' | ARTLECTURE

Collaboration Works: ‘The Teabag Collection'

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by Collaboration Works: Hälssen & Lyon & Ayzit Bostan


‘The Teabag Collection' is a collaboration that was created between tea specialist Hälssen & Lyon and renown handbag designers Ayzit Bostan. With a desire to keep tea fashionable, the collection is made of five black kinds of Miniature Accessory, blends in handcrafted pouches that resemble designer handbags, each fitting the personality of the brews.

This work has also received public attention, which was debuted at the Vogue Salon during the recent Berlin Fashion Week. The Teabag (made by using a permeable cotton) is designed to look like a teapot and it could remind you of a stylish handbag. Originally, they tried to think of an aesthetic method, but was reborn as a handbag model because it needed to be reapplied to a practical design and presented to the public. It is also made for gifts, so it is available for everyone to buy directly.

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