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How to Fix Broken Pottery | ARTLECTURE

How to Fix Broken Pottery

-Kintsugi Repair-

/Artist's Studio/
by Kintsugi
Tag : #Pottery, #Kintsugi, #Repair, #craft

How to Fix Broken Pottery
-Kintsugi Repair-

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of joining broken pottery with gleaming seams of gold or silver, creates fine art objects we can see as symbols for the beauty of vulnerability. Surely, these bowls, cups, vases, etc. remind of us Leonard Cohen’s oft-quoted lyric from “Anthem” (“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”) Writer and artist Austin Kleon touches on this same sentiment in a recent post on his blog. 

In the video at the top, learn DIY kintsugi from World Crafted’s Robert Mahar. Further up, we have an intensive, wordless demonstration from professional kintsugi artist Kyoko Ohwaki.

Step =>

1: Glue the broken piecesStep

2: Repair the small cracks and holes with rust lacquer Step

3: Polish the hardened rust lacquerStep

4: Paint with black lacquer to solidify the repaired partsStep

5: Paint with red lacquerFinal step: Brush with gold

Instagram: @dr.alexa_altman

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