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The ArtGemini Prize is a celebration to promote international contemporary art for emerging and established artists around the world.

Founded in 2012 in London by fine art enthusiast and dealer, Jimmy Lek, ArtGemini Prize editions have attracted over 5000 entries from 35 countries worldwide.
Over £35,000 cash prizes have been won by artists, together with exhibitions in London and Singapore.
The ArtGemini Prize is an independent competition, open to all artists from anywhere in the world. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. The winners will be announced at an exhibition of the finalists’ works in London.

The aims of the prize are:

to promote creativity and excellence from around the world
to exhibit a wide range of challenging works
to help artists to exhibit and sell their works in London
to give the public access to quality and exciting works at affordable prices
to support a selected charity each year.

1st Prize US$15,000 

2nd Prize US$7,000 

Young Artist Prize (up to 30 years) US$3,000

*This program is subject to change by the Organizer's reasons, so please refer to the website or the Organizer's notice for more information.
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Activity Area : United States * Local/Town Space

Contacts/Email : [E-mail]


Contacts/Email : [E-mail]

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