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Singlemold Color An iron chair - Collection DB | ARTLECTURE

Singlemold Color An iron chair, 2018


ink on paper and oilpastell

Mixed Media by shin sang won
  • Original Payment
    Size: 25.98 x 29.13 x Inch
    Size: 66 x 74 x Cm
    Price : View Price
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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  • Singlemold Color An iron chair

Singlemold Color An iron chair, 2018


ink on paper and oilpastell

Mixed Media by shin sang won
  • Original Payment
    Size: 25.98 x 29.13 x Inch
    Size: 66 x 74 x Cm
    Price : View Price
    Ready to hang (Including Extra Package or Framed)(recommendation)
Color Space

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Artwork Description / Artist Note
Title: Singlemold Color An iron chair, 2018//No271.

Many anonymous people take out chairs and sit down. 
The chair is wearing out of sight.
The chair is always left alone after a person has left.
It is a chair that carries the weight of one's body and the weight of one's life.
The rust wears
The weights build up and pile to make trails and history.

사연많은 익명의 사람들이 의자를 꺼내서 앉는다. 
의자는 보이지않게 닳아간다.
사람이 떠난후에는 언제나 그 의자는 혼자 남겨진다.
사람의무게와 삶의무게를 순간이지만 매번 짊어지는 의자다.
그 무게들은 쌓이고 쌓여 흔적을만들고 역사를만든다.

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio

신상원 (shin sang won, 申尙原)

경기대학교 서예문자예술학과 졸업


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꿈과마주치다, 갤러리일호(서울)

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Korean Wunderkammer, Fondazione Luciana Matalon(밀라노)

          분더캄머-창경궁, Rivellino gallery(루가노)

          젊은인들의 행진, 규당미술관(제주도)

          일자만자전, 예술의전당(서울)

          지필수묵전, 291갤러리(서울)

2015. 겨울이야기, 경민현대미술관 (의정부)

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          분더캄머-창덕궁, artespressione(밀라노)

          몽오재 세번째전시, 갤러리연우(서울)

          연경학인 전시, art park gallery(베이징.798)

          잘다녀오겠습니다, 갤러리 이앙(서울)

          오색영롱 초대전시, b커뮤니케이션,아트스페이스방천(대구)

          먹으로부터... 초대전시, 갤러리 팔조(청도)

          80後 창립전'동행', 갤러리 라메르(서울)

2014. 연경학인 전시, 경인미술관(서울)

          몽오재 두번째이야기, 인사동 M갤러리(서울)

          제2기 신진서예가 ‘필’ 선정  초대 전시, 백악미술관(서울) 

드라마 작품협찬

tvn '디어마이프랜즈', jtbc'맨투맨'

Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio


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