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by Fabien Beuchet

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Prose & Poetry by Fabien BEUCHET, Pictures courtesy of Yuliya ZELINSKAYA

– Artist of the Year 2019 –

Yuliya Zelinskaya receiving this prestigious award at the Social Theater during

The International Biennale of Mantua

Italy, 8th – 16th June 2019

My painting pursuesthe same goals:

to create a sense ofwhat you see, of the space between fantasy and reality,

and exaltation ofthese senses.

So, my desire is tohave an Art Lover who sees my Paintings,

takes intoconsideration of my works of imagination….well suited to the modern day.

Yuliya Zelinskaya


Well suited to modern days is the Art of YuliyaZelinskaya.

Grounded in both immemorial collective dreams and theindividual will of individual bloom,

Yuliya Zelinskaya gives birth to artworksdealing with Æther

(as we learned it in Part One) ; Æther including thesublimation of the body, the ethereal body :

Destined for Art, Oil on linen canvas, 100 x 80 cm / 39.37 x 31.5 in, June 2018

The dynamic gallery of our soul leads us to jump, to dive into life, to jump to the point to paint, write, sing and dance our own calendars in osmosis with The Whole’s calendar.

Daily & infinite, assertive we fuse with the Endless,

answering its ethereal call a carnal YES of LOVE.

The Nebula of Equality, Oil on linen canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 39.37 x 31.5 in, January 2017

As the essentialization via dilution

Does not set on fire but relieves,

Celestial the Artist rises to and reveals

The existential challenge

Of the matter’s sublimation

Via these bodies becoming light ;

Fusional astral crystal paste

Of an ancestral futureal Grace

Whose Osmosis the cosmos and the Eternal



(Original French version available on the author’s website :

The Nebula of Trust, Oil on linen canvas 100 x 80 cm, 39.37 x 31.5 in, January 2018

Feeding each other’s thirst for æther,

Astral-anadyomene is the crystallization

Of the fusion of our magma within.


Feeling each other’s burst of Æther,

Carnal confusion changes into the diadem

Together we wear as a sphere of vision.


Now, devoid of delusion’s mayhem

Is our enigma within …

Leading us to at last abandon the bite of lust

To dive into the Void

Of the beat of The Nebula of Trust

Mind over matter, Oil on linen canvas, 120 x 100 cm / 47.24 x 39.37 in, September 2018

Yes, Yuliya Zelinskaya is necessary to the world because she presents and reminds the world’s societies that our soul is infinite ; and these presentations and reminders include why and how she affirms that our bodies are made of light, can spread light and are destined to light.

As an Artist, she (re)connects us with the true meaning of love, and this meaning is carnal and celestial at the same time, as love animates both the soil and the sky.

Definitely feeding our hopes, Yuliya Zelinskaya helps us to pass the "modern days", to still be connected with what civilizations called and still call The Whole, The Gods, God,

The Spirits… in two words : The Almighty.

Animation, Sublimation through Creation,
Elevation is at our reach.

Portrait of the Artist Yuliya Zelinskaya

All images/words © the artist(s) and organization(s)


Prose and poetry © Fabien Beuchet

Pictures © Yuliya Zelinskaya

Yuliya Zelinskaya’s website :

Fabien Beuchet’s website :

Yuliya Zelinskaya’s Art has received a vibrant success in New York City & Los Angeles (Jan.-April 2019), Miami, as well as in Hong Kong, South Korea (Seoul, …), Rome, Florence, Venice, Mantua, Vienna, Monte Carlo &, of course, in Moscow