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The Conservation of The Assassination of Archimedes | ARTLECTURE

The Conservation of The Assassination of Archimedes

/The History/
by Baumgartner Restoration

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There are steps more as important as that work processes in fine art restoration. That is, when it first receives a damaged artwork, it will first have to figure out where it was damaged and how to restore it. The degree of 'any method of damage' could be roughly be defined. However, there could be always a challenge because no any data show beforehand how much that should be going on, what kind of color does it have to use and where to extract color in order to match up colors with that original.

You can see much more of it in these videos: in the one above, writes Colossal's Kate Sierzputowski, Baumgartner "condenses over 40 hours of delicate swiping, scraping, and paint retouching into a 11.5 minute narrated video" showing and explaining his restoration of The Assassination of Archimedes.

You can also check Narrated Version below.

Watch an Art Conservator Bring Classic Paintings Back to Life in Intriguingly Narrated Videos !

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Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago works to conserve this painting of the assassination of Archimedes. Obscured by a darkened varnish and mounted to a wood panel the artwork is cleaned and the panel removed using both modern and traditional techniques. Using routers, hand planes and scalpels the wood is painstakingly removed form the thin paper in order to facilitate the preservation of the paper via archival mounting to acid-free board.