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Van Gogh Museum Tour online | ARTLECTURE

Van Gogh Museum Tour online

-Video Tour in Seven Parts-

by Van Gogh Museum
Tag : #Van Gogh, #Online, #video

Van Gogh Museum Tour online
-Video Tour in Seven Parts-
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Van Gogh Museum Tour in 4K. Have you always wanted to be alone in the Van Gogh Museum? Step into Vincent’s world and enjoy the private video tour.

These days, when it is not easy to see exhibitions in offline spaces, online exhibition spaces are becoming a new hope for those who crave art. Van Gogh's work is also following this trend.

Van Gogh Museum tour online covers a wide swath of the artist's work, and will surely whet the appetite of viewers who've been meaning to make the trip to Amsterdam themselves. Until then, we may take in Van Gogh's "art of the future" using the technology of the present — the likes of which wouldn't have appeared in even his wildest visions.

Course, Van Gogh in the monitor not the naked eye, would be hard to accept. But there is nothing we can do now.

In addition to its existing resources on the web, the Van Gogh Museum has over the past month been uploading a private tour, all shot in 4K video.

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