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Animal Stories - discover an untold tale of London Borough of Hounslow

Now 2020-12-01 ~ 2021-02-01  11Day Left
Project Key: #reality, #london, #story, #animal, #Online, #Drawing Painting

-'Animal Stories' is an interactive exhibition that tells a secret history of the animals in Hounslow, from the Chiswick House Menagerie to the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. The stories are accompa.....

All We Have Stories

Now 2020-06-01 ~ 2021-06-01  
Project Key: #corona, #story, #Online

-All We Have is an online exhibition that brings together personal snapshots of lives tripped up by Covid-19, bringing together interviews and photography from over 70 countries and counting.  Dus.....

Two Chairs

Now 2020-07-16 ~ 2021-07-31  
Project Key: #chair, #story, #Drawing Painting, #Online, #artworks

-Suddenly the world locks down and writers and artists are left sitting in chairs at computers, talking to themselves and each other. Their conversations have resulted in 11&nb.....
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