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South Korean Contemporary Art

Now 2021-01-15 ~ 2021-02-14  28Day Left

-Choi Soowhan creates meticulous, immaculate, yet expressive images by drilling holes of various sizes (0.4-3mm) in a black acrylic plate (Plexiglass) or laminate, and then LED backlight.....


Project Key: #design, #graphic, #Drawing Painting, #Online

-Graphic design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, branding, typography...In January 2021 we're highlighting graphic design including illustration, animation, motion graphics, typography, etc. .....

Jordan Baseman: A Different Kind of Different

Now 2021-01-14 ~ 2021-01-28  11Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Screening, #Online

-Jordan Baseman, A Different Kind of Different, 2020. Still from video, Duration 13:00. Courtesy of the artist and Matt's Gallery, London.A Different Kind of Different, an animated short film by Jordan.....

Mattia Barbieri: ETERNO85

Now 2021-01-09 ~ 2021-01-23  6Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #visitable, #platform

-Virginia Bianchi Gallery and Superstudiolo Arte Contemporanea are pleased to present ETERNO85, a solo show by Italian artist Mattia Barbieri. From 9 to 23 January, the exhibition will be visitable onl.....

Plants & Plastic

Now 2020-12-28 ~ 2021-01-28  11Day Left
Project Key: #plants, #Plastic, #Drawing Painting, #Online

-My artwork centres around flora and the environment, with bold colours and dark outlines influences largely by textile patterns and wallpaper designs. while intertwining how the over use and consumpti.....

A Conversation with Keith Haring

Now 2021-01-09 ~ 2021-01-23  6Day Left
Project Key: #CONVERSATION, #Keith Haring, #talk, #Online

-A Conversation with Keith Haring… presents a body of work exploring the historical and contemporary discourse of the AIDS/HIV crisis. The exhibition brings together a body of work addressing issues r.....
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