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Letter From Sapporo, Morgan Quaintance

Now 2021-02-12 ~ 2021-05-13  2Day Left
Project Key: #Screening, #Online, #Letter

-LUX presents Letter from Sapporo (2021), a new film by artist and filmmaker Morgan Quaintance in collaboration with residents of Sapporo, Japan.Letter from Sapporo (2021) is a collage film offeri.....

Jamie Crewe: Ashley

Now 2021-04-01 ~ 2021-05-13  2Day Left
Project Key: #Film/Video, #Online

-LUX presents Ashley by Jamie Crewe online from 1 April to 13 May 2021. Ashley was presented as part of their solo exhibition Jamie Crewe: Ashley at LUX last year, which was closed due to the lockdown......

Elisions: A four-part screening programme curated by Adam Pugh

Now 2021-04-21 ~ 2021-05-14  3Day Left
Project Key: #Online, #Screening, #Film/Video

-This four-part screening programme invites us to think about the role of archives in shaping collective memory, histories and stories. Archives were created as centralised repositories of record-produ.....
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