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  • Women Over 50 Film Festival 2020 + Submissions
  • Women Over 50 Film Festival 2020 + Submissions

At Women Over 50 Film Festival we showcase the work of older women on both sides of the camera. We look to them to drive our stories – as filmmakers and performers.

Each film we screen at WOFFF has to follow this one simple rule – it must have a woman over 50 at its centre or a woman over 50 in the core creative team (writer, producer or director).

WOFFF is an inclusive festival which celebrates older women in all their diversity. If your short film has an older woman at is heart – on screen or behind the camera – it’s eligible for submission to WOFFF. All ages, all genders are welcome at WOFFF. In our first festival in 2015 we screened a documentary two young trans men made about an older trans woman and since then we have been a festival which is welcoming and inclusive to all.

Why have a film festival concentrating on older women in film? Recently Polygraph looked at 2,000 films and found that women aged between 42 and 69 spoke only 20% of film dialogue; men of the same age spoke almost 39%. While Directors UK reported that of over 2,500 films made from 2005 to 2014, only 13% were directed exclusively by women. Women Over 50 Film Festival is doing something positive to address this imbalance in the representation of older women in front of and behind the camera, by screening work which celebrates older women in film. <WOFFF>

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Contacts/Email : http://wofff.co.uk/contact-us/

Contacts/Email : http://wofff.co.uk/contact-us/

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