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Color Space

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Color Space

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Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio


Artist note

Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale world.

I also want to tell a fairy tale story of a fairy-tale world in a very real reality.


My 11-year-old daughter talks.

"Mom, what kind of world is a fairy-tale world?“

That's ...

"It's the world I want to give you!“

“What a world I want to give you!”


As for me, I also have a difficulty ...

To the child, to me who paints


I want to give the world that I dream to you who appreciate my work.

When I work, I wanted to express the happy dream that nature and bird become motifs and smile with child 's eyes.


In my work leaf story, Although it is regrettable that the leaves are falling by the wind after the end of a season's life,

a couple of birds playing and strolling in it shares love and longing.


The tree becomes their refuge and resting place.


As the leaves of the trees fell,

I also wanted to express the shape of the leaves falling like a snowflake and a petal fly.

I wanted to describe the petals as if they were snow falling.


As the leaves fall apart, it becomes a new life where it becomes new life.

Maybe our lives is also turning a cycle of metempsychosis thought as well.


Through the epoxy work, It was made up of small leaves and piled up, giving us the effect of three-dimensional and overlapping and richness in the plane painting.

The small leaves are piled up to make a stereoscopic and overlapping effect and a richness in the plane painting.


I want to show that all happiness begins in a comfortable haven.

These rich trees are shelter for birds and small houses are another home.








Graduated from the Department of Western Fine Arts and Grad School of Education, Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea


-Solo Exhibition-

2015 1st Kim Sun-young's small solo exhibition 'Leaves becomes snow ... Exhibition' Alternative space eyes' (Suwon)


2016 2nd Solo Exhibition 'Leaves become Spring. Exhibition' Lee Sang Sook Gallery (Daegu)


2016 3rd Solo Exhibition 'Alay Coffee & Gallery' Props(Daegu)

Daegu Art Festival and Busan International Art Fair,Private booth 3 times (2015,2016)


-Group Exhibition-

Bukgu Culture & Arts Center Invitation Exhibition (see the Old Year out and the New Year in- Gift Exhibition) (Daegu 2014,2015)

Maddi Art 'Story of the Story' KBS Daegu Gallery (Daegu 2015)

Kijang Contemporary Art Exhibition (Gallery Ara, Ha Gavin 2015)

Ulsan Art Fair (Ulsan KBS Broadcasting Station 2015)

Gwangju International Art Fair (Kim Dae-jung Convention Center 2015)

Cheongju International Art Fair (Cheongju City Cultural Industrial Complex 2015)

Korea, China and Japan International Art Fair (Busan Cultural Center 2015)

Korea-China Interchange Exhibition (To China 2015.2016)

Daegu Art Fair (Daegu Exco 2nd 2015,2016)

Art Busan (BEXCO 2nd Busan 2015, 2016)

Daegu Hotel Art Fair (Daegu, La Jenna Hotel 2016)

Meeting of public interest and art (Daegu, Metro Gallery 2015, 2016)

Honda SUV Collaboration Exhibition (Daegu Honda Middle East Branch, 2016, 2017)


Numerous domestic and international art fairs, group exhibitions

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Activity Area : Korea, Republic of * Personal Studio